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DE097 - Speed Sensor
  Monday, October 18, 2010
  Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Product Ref No: 143
Order No/Series: DE097

Pricing: $250.00 per unit
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DE097 - Speed Sensor
Link: Datasheet.pdf

The DE-097 Speed Sensor is a small DIN Rail Mounted unit intended for standby alternators, generators, and Pumps. It is housed in DIN Rail Mount case with a painted metal cover plate. Terminal connections are made via a plugable 16-way terminal block. The DE-097 provides monitoring of four different engine speeds. Typically these are: Zero Rpm, Starter Cut Out (SCO), Under Speed (US), and Over Speed (OS).

The DE-097 has an LCD Display for indicating the Current Engine RPM, Starter Cut Out, Under Speed, and Overspeed settings. The following settings can be adjusted using the Keypad:
  • Zero Rpm
  • SCO Rpm
  • US Rpm
  • OS Rpm
  • Number Of Teeth on the Flywheel
  • Over Speed Latch (ON or OFF)
NOTE: These settings will not be lost in the event of Power Loss.
Relays are ENERGISED when the Engine RPM is above the respective set speed, and DE-ENERGISED otherwise. When Over Speed Latch is set to “ON”, power must be removed from the unit in order to reset the Over Speed relay. The Zero Rpm setting is used to detect when the engine has stopped – this setting is adjustable and not set to 0 due to irregularity of the Input Signal at Low Engine RPM.

Supply voltage 12 / 24V DC (Specify when ordering)
Signal Source Magnetic Pickup sensing ring gear rotation. May be paralleled with governor
Relay Contacts One change over on ZERO RPM
One change over on Starter Cut Out
One change over on Under Speed
One change over on Over Speed
Contact Rating Change Over contact: 8A Resistive loading, 4A Inductive
Indicators LEDs for each Relay (LED on when Relay is Energised)
Character LCD Display
Programming Zero RPM
Starter Cut Out
Under Speed
Over Speed
Number of Teeth on Ring gear
Over Speed Latch (ON / OFF)
Controls Keypad - INCREASE, OK, DECREASE
PRICE $250
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