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GM012 - Dual Speed Switch
  Friday, October 8, 2010
  Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Product Ref No: 127
Order No/Series: GM012

Pricing: $112.00 per unit
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GM012 - Dual Speed Switch

The GM-012 DUAL SPEED SWITCH is a low cost printed circuit board (PCB) assembly for use as a starter motor cutout sensor and over speed switch on diesel prime movers. The engine speed is determined by measuring the output frequency from a magnetic pickup mounted adjacent to the engine ring gear. With rising motor speed the starter cutout relay will operate at a set point. Should the engine go into over speed an internal self-locking relay can only be released by interrupting the supply to the PCB.

NOTE: The GM012 is one of a range of low cost PCB assemblies designed for OEMs to assemble their own control cubicles for use with automatic standby diesel generator sets and fire pumps etc.

OPTION : The over speed switch can be non latching (specify when ordering).


Supply voltage:

12 or 24V DC (specify when ordering).
Signal source: Magnetic pickup sensing ring gear rotation. May be paralleled with governor.
Speed settings: Screwdriver adjusted potentiometers - factory preset if number of ring gear teeth and speed settings are defined (factory presets — 1000Hz, 3000Hz).
Repeatability: 2%
Relay contacts: Two functions - starter cut out and over speed, each has a single C/O contact 8A resistance loading, 4A inductive.
Ambient temp: 0-60C
Weight: -  

Dimensions: -



Fibre glass PCB, clear varnish protection.

PRICE: $112.00
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