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GM014 - Battery Charger(Auto Linear 10A)
  Thursday, October 7, 2010
  Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Product Ref No: 123
Order No/Series: GM014

Pricing: $650.00 per unit
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GM014 - Battery Charger(Auto Linear 10A)

The GM014 AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER is a compact unit designed for internal switchboard mounting. The charging characteristic is initially a constant current which automatically tapers off to a very low level of trickle current as the battery voltage rises towards the charger float voltage output. The float voltage and maximum current output levels are easily preset by controls on the unit.

A boost condition can be introduced which causes the full constant current to flow (irrespective of battery voltage). A boost timer is incorporated which resets the charger to normal automatic float charging irrespective of the position of the boost switch, after four hours.

Battery undervoltage and overvoltage are monitored and individual relays are energized and LED lamps are illuminated when the battery voltage exceeds the preset limit. Isolated change over relay contacts are provided for both alarms. A low voltage delay timer can be set to 150 seconds to prevent nuisance low voltage alarms during engine cranking. The Power Fail relay is energised while power is applied.

The High Volts Reset option, turns the charger off if a High Volts alarm is triggered, and the charger is reset via a switch on the control panel, or an external switch, (complies with Telstra Spec.) Specify when ordering.

The charger also features reverse polarity sensing and temperature compensation.

NOTE: Charger output must be turned off when batteries are disconnected.
Input supply: mains 240V 50Hz (other voltages and frequency available)
Output voltage: 12 or 24VDC (specify on order)
Output current: 10A maximum continuous
Operational temperature range: 0 - 60 C ambient
Relay contacts: 10A resistive, High Volts, Low Volts, Power Fail
Controls potentiometer 1: Set float voltage (factory preset)
Controls potentiometer 2: Set maximum current (factory preset)
Controls potentiometer 3: Set low output voltage - battery charger fail (factory preset)

Controls potentiometer 4:

Set high output voltage (factory preset)

PRICE: $650.00
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