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GM016 - Repeat Start Timer
  Friday, October 8, 2010
  Friday, January 1, 2016

Product Ref No: 128
Order No/Series: GM016

Pricing: $110.00 per unit
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GM016 - Repeat Start Timer

The GM016 REPEAT START TIMER is a low cost printed circuit board (PCB) assembly designed for panel mounting in ‘prime mover’ applications. On application of a supply voltage, an internal relay energizes for a preset cranking time. Should the engine fail to start, the timer pauses for an equal period then provides a further cranking signal. If after three or six attempts at starting. The engine still fails to come up to speed, a failed to start relay is energized, and no further cranking can be made until the unit is reset by breaking the supply voltage. The unit must be de-energized when the engine comes up to speed.

NOTE: The GM016 is one of a range of low cost PCB assemblies designed for OEMs to assemble their own control cubicles for use with automatic standby diesel generator sets and fire pumps etc.
Supply voltage: 12 or 24V DC (specify when ordering)
Timer: 4 to 20 seconds
Cycles: 3 or 6 ( specify when ordering )
On/off ratio: 1 to 1
Relay contacts: 1 isolated N/O contact on crank relay
1 N/O and N/C contact on failed to start relay
Contact rating:


10A resistive crank relay 5A inductive crank relay

5A resistive fail to start 2.5A inductive fail to start

PRICE: $110.00
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